November 2, 2020

We reopened our doors in the summer and are pleased to announced the start of our new partnership with the AA Driving School. This major three-year contract was signed just before the national lockdown began in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. We are now delivering on our promises of flexibility in adapting to their specific requirements and the integration of our IT systems within our operational processes, both of which sets us apart from the competition.

Theo Kortland, Managing Director of Smart Fleet Solutions said: “We are pleased to be working with the AA Driving School to support its driving instructors across the country.

“As well as commissioning new vehicles, including installation of dual controls and adding the distinctive AA Driving School livery, we also maintain a standby courtesy fleet and undertake repairs, to make sure that instructors are back on the road as quickly as possible should there be an issue with their vehicle.”

At our Westbury and Long Bennington technical centres, we are handling around 150 new vehicles monthly with pre-delivery inspections to commission them ready for use as well as refurbishing the same number of used vehicles for remarketing purposes. We have a dedicated AA Champion in place at each site to manage the contract and this person also liaises closely with our customer account team to make sure that everything flows smoothly.

Our attention to detail was one of the reasons why AA Driving School selected us as its logistical solutions partner for its fleet. This has been delivered not only through the development of our people with newly created online training programmes but also through our focus on repairing rather than replacing items – such as carpets and door trims – as part of our cost-efficient process for example. Theo continues: “We are happy to be able to continue to offer our staff the opportunity to do new things by extending our training programme as well as being delighted with the teams’ enthusiasm for a new challenge in what has been a very unsettling year.”

Sarah Rees, AA Driving School Managing Director, said: “It has been a very unstable and challenging year for instructors with the Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Smart Fleet Solutions to provide state-of-the-art fleet support for our instructors. Our franchise offers a range of cars and prices for everyone, wrapped up with everything needed to run a successful business.”