Quality Policy Statement

Quality Policy Statement

Smart Fleet Solutions aims to maintain its market position as a leading provider of vehicle refurbishment and support services.

In meeting the above, Smart Fleet Solutions also aims to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction by delivering reliable, high quality, cost effective services and output within agreed timeframes thus generating the returns required to:

  • Reward stakeholders for their investment
  • Reward our people for their efforts
  • Provide the funds to support future operations and company growth
  • Provide a stable and enjoyable work-place for the entire team
  • Meet contractual obligations
  • Be compliant with legislative and regulatory requirements.


The Management Team of Smart Fleet Solutions is committed to the Quality Management System, to all the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2015 and to continuous improvement.

Customers are the heart of the service provided and Smart Fleet Solutions is committed to provide an exceptional customer experience.  The Company enjoys a strong trustworthy reputation based on its adherence to the highest professionalism and customer service standards.

Smart Fleet Solutions seeks to provide the best service for its customers through high quality customer service, backed with professional and trained staff and aspire to a reputation for integrity and quality.  The growth of the business is derived from Smart Fleet Solutions’ willingness to listen to its customers’ requirements and to tailor services to match, supported by Smart Fleet Solutions dedicated staff that symbolise our values and aims.

All staff shall be given adequate time and resource to ensure the Quality Management System is implemented effectively.  To achieve these aims, objectives have been set by Smart Fleet Solutions.

The Quality Policy Statement shall be issued to all staff and displayed within the Company.  Changes to the Quality Policy Statement shall be made and an amended copy shall be issued to staff and displayed.  This Policy shall be reviewed annually by the Management Team and updated as required.


Theo Kortland
Managing Director
Smart Fleet Solutions

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01/02/2018 12:12:00

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